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Jazz Cabbage Gardens

We take pride in being a premium brand company, focused on producing premium, organic, craft cannabis, produced locally in Nova Scotia.

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Our Cannabis

Our goal is to become Atlantic Canada’s leading licensed producer of dried, whole flower, premium organic craft cannabis. We are dedicated to this as our passion and guiding value. Because we refuse to sacrifice on quality, we believe our cannabis will be enjoyed by anyone, from novice to connoisseur.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re certainly serious about our cannabis.

We started out to make cannabis approachable and enjoyable. We want the experience of every customer to be rooted in enjoying the best cannabis available.

That’s Jazz Cabbage.

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We’re currently in the process of obtaining our license from Health Canada. If you have any inquiries or want to obtain our investor package, please feel free to contact us.

Our Technology

Our growing process combines the latest technology with natural methods designed to reduce our energy consumption and operating costs, while providing the plants with an optimized, natural, growing condition.

There are a few simple steps to growing any plant; soil, water, light. Combine those elements in the right amounts and control all the other variables that arise like temperature and humidity and you’ve created ideal growing conditions.

Our proprietary liquid cooled, automated LED lighting system, reduces energy consumption by maintaining a stable air temperature during on/off lighting cycles.

Our water reclamation process captures 90% of plant transpiration during normal growth and recycles it back into the reverse osmosis watering system.

Living organic soil contains beneficial microbes that release nutrients which are readily absorbed during the entire lifecycle of the plants.

Augmented natural lighting reduces LED lighting requirements without allowing infrared heat transfer, reducing costs and mimicking a natural environment.

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Jazz Cabbage Gardens

40 Thornhill Dr.
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Dartmouth, NS